We believe that like every canvas has the potential to become a masterpiece, every living space has the possibility to make life an experience. 'Life by design' is a philosophy that chases the realm of possibilities, harnesses the power of imagination, and fuels the spirit of inspiration, to create living spaces that thrive with warmth, vibe, and energy. Welcome to Niraj Kakad Constructions, where a blue-print is by default and life is by design.

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Action is the distance between a dream & reality, and there are very few dreamers who show courage to take action. Mr. Purshottamdas Kakad was one such man who dared to chase his dream. Right after the partition of India, he moved from Karachi to Mumbai, hoping that it would be the ideal platform to bring his dreams to life. He set a fearless foot in the construction industry and it wasn't too long before he etched a name for himself under the banner - Kakad Group. Those were the early, formative years that set a solid foundation for future growth based on quality and reliability.

Mr. Gunvant P. Kakad, the successor to Mr. Purshottam Kakad, took things further, by foraying into the Mumbai suburbs. With ambition and drive, he consolidated the supremacy of the Kakad Group by making remarkable contributions to the commercial and residential construction sector.

Now, Mr. Niraj G. Kakad has taken up the mantle of continuing in the footsteps of his predecessors under the banner of Niraj Kakad Constructions (NKC). Under his able supervision and visionary leadership, NKC has already successfully carved a niche for itself in the real estate and construction industry by developing quality projects coupled with reliability and timely delivery.

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A company is never run by just one individual. It is the united efforts of great minds that lead to the successful realization of dreams. At Niraj Kakad Constructions, we are fortunate to have an exceptional team that understands our goals, has a sense of belonging, and works together to create a visible difference while achieving excellence in every endeavour. At NKC, everyone is treated equally. Every team member is heard and is thus free to express his/her thoughts, opinions and potential solutions to the problems. In order to carry out self-analysis and achieve excellence, team NKC continuously strives to improve its processes, practices and communication – both internally as well as externally – on a regular and on-going basis.
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vision &


To develop innovative and state-of-the-art projects that will enhance the quality of life of our valued customers and benefit the community at large.


  • To provide seamless services to our customers in terms of quality of construction and timely execution of projects.
  • To consolidate our reputation built over several decades by the collective faith of our customers.
  • To provide our valuable clients a unique customer experience when they choose our projects.


Trust. Integrity. Passion. Commitment.

"It has been and will always be our earnest endeavour to continually deliver nothing but the best and consistently exceed our client's expectations."

Our Associates
in Progress


In the journey of success & excellence, the continual growth and progress matters a lot. Towards the realization of tomorrow, our partners of today have played an exceptional role in our progress. With expertise in their respective fields and valued support in our every endeavour, our associates have made our journey more meaningful and worthy. Working in union with our associates we strive to integrate the practices that are needed to build a sustainable and successful business. We are proud of our association with the people and groups who are making our journey a smoother one.

Designing Architects:

  • Architect Hafeez Contractor
  • GSA Architects, Singapore
  • 4.4 Design (Mr. Percy Kutar)
  • Reza Kabul Associates
  • NU.DE Architecture (Mr. Nuru Karim)
  • Scapes Architects (Mr. Sameer Gupta)

Planning Architects:

  • Horizon Architect (Mr. Hemal Shah)
  • SNG Consultants (Mr. Sanjay Bhoite)

Liaison Architects:

  • Pushkar Consultants
  • Y.M.S Consultants Ltd. (Mr. Yomesh Rao)
  • Atul Situt & Associates (Mr. Atul Situt)

R.C.C Consultants :

  • Shanghvi and Associates Consultants Private Limited.
  • J W Consultants LLP (Mr. Umesh Joshi)
  • U.D Chande (Mr. Gautam Chande)


  • Hariani & Co. (Mr. Ajay Vazirani)
  • RMG Law & Associates (Mr. Hemang Raythattha)
  • Vinod Gandhi & Co. (Mr. Vinod Gandhi)


  • HDFC Bank Ltd.
  • Axis Bank Ltd.
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Citibank N.A.
  • Canara Bank (Kakad Market, Kalbadevi)
  • Bharat Co-Op. Bank (Mumbai) Ltd.

Financial Institutions:

  • Capital First Ltd.
  • DHFL



Quality is nothing but the true reflection of excellence, commitment, values, trust and team converged at one place. Our quotient of quality is the consolidation of the same. Our Corporate Values statement serves as a framework to guide our daily actions and decisions of Team Quotient. The statement represents the standards that our employees use to measure all individual and collective actions. These values are shared across the management and employees of our company.

We are committed to get the job done right the first time itself, in an effective and efficient manner as possible and in accordance with our mission and vision. We work collaboratively to achieve our common goals, to deliver on time and within our business plans and guidelines. Our Quality Quotient empowers all our employees by promoting personal responsibility and accountability along with creative thinking, innovation and informed risk-taking in all our activities.

With a commitment of being consumer-centric, the quality quotient we pursue yields leadership in our business by meeting customers' expectations. By being proactive, innovative and flexible in creating the final product & processes thereby resolving problems and by engaging in fair and honest business practices, we give our customers sheer quality that they always desire. Our quality quotient helps us win the hearts of our customers while we win their trust and this implies to our associates, colleagues and partners too. With a commitment to growth and well-being of the employees and creating a favourable balance in their professional and personal lives, we set the benchmarks of a qualitative life for them too. To sum up, our quality quotient is based on the following beliefs:

  • A commitment to quality production, speed and timely execution
  • A commitment to ethical sourcing
  • A commitment to transparent operations, unbiased work culture and work ethics
  • A passion to excel and soar higher & higher with proactive leadership and expertise

Our Approach


To think about the environment and to conserve & protect it has become a major concern of today. We believe that environmental sustainability should not only become a philanthropic cause but should also be the responsibility of every person and every organization as a whole. Our sensitivity to "green" concern comes from the principals’ background in sustainable design and environmental engineering.

In the design of any new project, the first step is site planning. This is one of the most critical step with regard to considering the effects of local climatic conditions in the design of buildings.

At Niraj Kakad Constructions , all our projects go through a detailed site analysis as the first step in a design process which looks at factors such as climate zone, prevailing wind direction, soil conditions, rock outcroppings, tree breaks, natural features, existing buildings (if present), egress to the site, topography, etc., in addition to considering adjoining neighbours, easements and zoning issues. Beyond site planning issues, there are many cost-effective design strategies which can reduce one's reliance on fossil fuel resources for energy and power. Our designs optimize occupant comfort levels through careful design of the building's envelope.

Our Company hence believes in maximizing natural ventilation wherever possible, which means less dependence on mechanical ventilation is required, or, taking advantage of natural day lighting reduces the need for artificial illumination. These are simple design solutions that cost no more or very little to plan in advance.

We are also familiar with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) point system and though it is a worthy certification program, LEED essentially just codifies the sustainable "best practices", which we have been using in our own practice over the last 10 years, in creating our own high performance oriented buildings.

In short, "sustainable design" considers the economic, ecological, and social circumstances of a project. Ultimately, sustainable design conserves natural resources and maximizes human and animal comfort. Our firm promotes this philosophy and endeavours to achieve the highest level of sustainable design in all of our projects.


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